A Trip to the Hospital in Bangkok

30 Oct

I survived the crazy streets of Chiang Mai without crashing my motorbike.

I survived tubing in Vang Vieng, Laos with only a few scrapes and bruises.

I survived Khao San Road in Bangkok.

I survived the crazy Halong Bay booze cruise in Vietnam.

And then there was Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Right after I broke it

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Full Moon Party got the best of her.

But it was really Koh Phangan that got the best of me.

The night after the Full Moon Party in August, my 4th night in Koh Phangan, I broke a bone in my left foot.

Where the fateful spill took place

Let’s just say a combination of buckets and concrete did me in.

I spent a week limping through Koh Phi Phi before I decided to call my insurance.

They were great. They did everything for me. They made my appointment and told me how to get to the hospital. The insurance covered everything which was great because I wasn’t ready to call my parents asking for money because I broke a bone. They were worried enough about me traveling in general.

I went to Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. It was the nicest hospital I’ve ever been in. Seriously. It was about a half hour away from Khao San Road and as soon as I pulled up in a taxi I was greeted by staff and brought into the beautifully decorated and insanely clean hospital. Bumrungrad is a great hospital for tourists. They have English-speaking doctors and a lot of the other staff spoke english as well.

After filling out some forms and getting a hospital ID card (with my picture on it! Such a cool souvenir) I was sent to another floor where I didn’t wait long before talking to a doctor. He was totally cool. He spoke english and was actually very personable. He sent me to get an x-ray and then I waited a short time before being called back into the doctor’s office.

He told me I had broken a metatarsal (the long bones that are attached to our toes) and that I would need a cast and crutches. The problem with a cast and crutches was that I still had another 2 weeks of travelling (and I would be exploring Angkor Wat in that time). So, he suggested a splint-cast which was removable and I wouldn’t need crutches because it was a walking cast.

A few nurses quickly measured my foot and put on a very fashionable, black cast. I waited for about 20 minutes for my painkillers and muscle relaxants. They offered to burn me a CD with the x-ray on it to show my doctor once I got back to Canada.

And that was it. Simple, easy, and not stressful in the slightest.

So, my hospital experience in Bangkok wasn’t so bad.

I learned that travel insurance is a very, very, very important thing to have because anything can happen.

I learned that buckets can be very dangerous, especially on Koh Phangan, and I need to be more careful when drinking in a foreign country because next time healthcare might not be easily accessible.

I learned that broken bones in feet are absolutely terrible because they take forever to heal. It is now almost 3 months since I broke it and I’m still wearing the cast (which is such a pain in the ass).

Exploring Angkor Wat on a broken foot

Most importantly, though, I was able to move past this speed bump so that I could enjoy the rest of my trip.

I learned to adapt.


4 Responses to “A Trip to the Hospital in Bangkok”

  1. Kieron October 30, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    That moon boot is a great look! Haha… just joking – it’s awesome that you didn’t let a little setback ruin your entire trip. Hope it gets back to 100% soon.

    So what’s next on the travel agenda?

    • Kristy November 1, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

      Haha I thought it was a pretty fashionable moon boot! Can’t wait for it to heal.

      As for what’s next on the travel agenda… I’m actually starting the planning for a move to London, England in August or September 2012! Just going to work for a year or so and travel around Europe as much as possible. Hopefully it actually happens!

      Hope your trip is going great! I see you’re in Scotland now! I’m waaay jealous.

      • Kieron November 1, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

        Awesome! We’re looking at a move to London next year too (but hopefully before the Olympics and all of the summer festivals – you can’t miss those!)…

        Keep in touch – if our dates match, hopefully we can cross paths and travel Europe together! 🙂

      • Kristy November 2, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

        That’s awesome! I reeeally want to move before the Olympics and major music festivals, but I don’t know if I can 😦 At least I won’t miss Glastonbury since it’s being cancelled because of the Olympics. Definitely keep in touch though! It would be great to meet and travel with you guys!

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