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Should I Really Go Paragliding?

3 Apr

This is the kind of question I asked myself every time I wanted to do something that wasn’t free.

It’s not because paragliding is dangerous and risky, because it is. It’s because I’m on a budget. Everywhere you go there is going to be people who ask you to join them in an activity like paragliding. There’s always going to be something you want to do that costs money. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and spend the money in order to have a good time. Other times, you need to hold back because, well, that’ the whole point of a budget. Soak in as much of the culture without spending too much money.

Before I go to a new destinations I always read up on different activities and sightseeing and the prices of such. I ask myself: What do I want to do most in my next destination? How much will food and accommodation cost? How can I make room in my budget for nights out? Is there something that I will do or see regardless of the cost?

The biggest problem for me was that I would meet some great people one night, they would ask me to go do something that costs money the next day. I really, really, really wanted to because I knew I would have a good time with them. But then the whole budget thing would pop into my head.

And I would start to think “I can go paragliding anywhere,” “I can go sand duning in another country… right?”

So how do you decide what to do and what not to do?

Of course it’s always price dependent.

But sometimes you just need to say, “F*ck the budget!” Otherwise you might miss out on opportunities. And I don’t mean specifically what you do and see, but who you’re sharing the experience with.

I’m sure I can go sand duning in another country, or I can even come back to Peru and do it, but the experience might not be as good. I went with a really great new friend and it was so much fun, not just because it was exhilarating, but because I got to share the experience with someone I could really appreciate it with.

Sand duning in Huacachina, Peru! So much fun. They would stop about every 20 minutes so we could go sandboarding on our stomachs. So exhilarating because the dunes were SO steep.

Paragliding was something that I was even more unsure about. For the obvious reasons that it could end really badly, but also because you can paraglide anywhere! Really, anywhere. Canada, the U.S., Europe… everywhere.

Am I glad I did it? Absolutely. I went with 3 other people from my hostel and it was really a great bonding experience. I’m even meeting up with probably all 3 of them in SE Asia this summer. I was planning on going paragliding at some point in my life, so why not do it in Lima, Peru? The view of both the ocean and the city was amazing. One of the guys was actually so scared to do it, which was hilarious. But we talked him through it and he was so glad he did it. The cost? I think it was around 100 soles, which is about $35, for a 15 minute… glide(?). A little bit out of my budget, but I made room for it by eating really cheap.

See how happy it made me!

And that brings me to my next point about choosing what to participate in or not. A big part of budgeting is eating. A typical budgeted day of eating for me is usually (hopefully) complimentary breakfast, street food for lunch, cheap restaurant for dinner, and add in a beer or glass of wine or two (or three). While I could do these things on my own, I enjoy eating with other people. I love having conversations over a meal. BUT, a lot of people want to eat in a restaurant for every meal, especially if their trip is a short one and they’re not on a budget. So when new friends ask me to go out to eat with them, I have a really hard time saying ‘No.’ Of course I would love nothing more than to share a bottle of wine at a great Indian restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia. This is something that you just really need to budget well. Write down what you spend each day and you’ll be able to enjoy meals that are a little out of your price range while compensating in other areas of your budget. I love the social aspect of eating, so I will compensate for those more expensive (but not too expensive) meals.

FREE Breakfast of Champions

Be smart. Know when to avoid spending a lot of money, but also live a little. Things cost money. That’s how the world works. Sometimes you just need to spend that extra money (and compensate for it in other areas of your budget) because you might regret it if you don’t or great opportunities might be missed


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